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Introducing JoyMotion GOLF!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The idea for JoyMotion Golf started in the Summer of 2019, as Paul was trying to get better at golf so he could beat his father-in-law. Being a former naval flight officer with a tech background, he looked for tech solutions to help him fix his bad habits and swing more consistently. (His fellow co-founders, Joy and Frank, can confirm his swing needs a lot of help, so we are so thankful for JoyMotion). After trying many of the products out there, Paul quickly discovered how expensive and difficult it was to use them. So, he got to work making a better alternative using his skillset in Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

As a brief, technical explanation of what we do, we can track the movement of your body (head, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, etc.) through each frame of a cell phone video. We collect this raw movement data using a machine learning model called human post estimation. From there, we built golf-specific algorithms to track how your body moves across 5 fundamentals of the golf swing, set up, stable spine, swing plane, hip movement, and tempo.

Paul showed an early prototype to Frank, his classmate at business school, a golf-addict (we are talking someone who built his class schedule around his tee-times). Frank was so excited by the potential, he immediately joined to lend his expertise in finance and business, and of course, his love for the game.

Joy joined a couple of months later. Joy has been recognized as one of the LPGA’s Best Teachers, one of Golf Digests’s Best Teachers by State for Maryland, and she is also a “great player in her own right” as they say on TV, playing in the last two U.S. Women’s Senior Opens. Joy has been Frank’s golf coach for over a decade and was the first person Frank and Paul sought out for golf coaching expertise. Joy joined to help us turn the body movement data into a valuable golf teaching tool. And yes, she is the Joy in JoyMotion. We try not to let it go to her head.

Our goal is to make a high-end coaching accessible to anyone, right on their phone. We allow you use the same data that is normally collected only in a high-tech coaching studio anywhere you have cellphone coverage. We are working tirelessly to create a platform that is easy to use. We’ll do the hard work of the analysis on the back end, and you just get the immediate feedback that allows you to focus on improving your game.

Try us out! Download JoyMotion Golf in the Apple App Store here. Check out the rest of our website and follow us on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to keep up with our app updates and tips how to best use JoyMotion.

Grip it and Rip it.

Frank, Joy, and Paul

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